electrical systems food trucks

Electrical Systems

Our experience and high quality standards ensure your food truck is wired safely, so you avoid unanticipated problems that can come with sub standard electrical installation.

propane services food trucks

Propane Services

Propane tanks are convenient and economical, which make them the preferred fuel source of food trucks. We make certain the right steps are taken for proper installation to prevent harm to your business or customers.

plumbing services food truck

Plumbing and Water Tanks

Trust our company to handle all aspects of your food truck’s plumbing needs. Water lines, water heaters, pumps, clean water and grey water tanks are all plumbed to our high quality specifications.

structural design food truck

Structural Design and Construction

Skilled craftsmanship using the highest quality materials and parts combined with in-depth knowledge secures all current codes and regulations are met resulting in a proven track record of quality built trucks.

food cart repair maintenance

Food Cart Repair & Maintenance

Regardless of whether we built your initial food truck or trailer, PDX Cart Builders specializes in repairing and maintaining your food operation structure to it’s optimal level of service.

tiny homes construction and design

Tiny Home Design & Construction

We think that having a mobile kitchen is pretty cool. Now imagine having a bedroom, bathroom, and other amenities of a real home included as well. If that sounds nifty to you, perhaps you should explore whether a tiny home is right for you.