We spent a lot of time picking out our builder, and are glad we ended up here. Not the cheapest choice, but the cart was built to order, delivered on time, and up and running immediately. John and Jim know what they’re doing. John answered all of our (thousand) questions before and during the build. If your cart stays local, he responds very quickly to any service concerns. Jessica W., Happy Valley, Oregon

If you go to anyone else for a cart, you’ll be missing out … economical, custom-built and solid, PDX Cart Builders did me right ! I built a 10×20′ cart that is loaded, awesome and clad in cedar that is beyond anything I’ve seen, to get a Zen feel for our plant-based food cart. John, and his team (esp. Jim, great guy) were kind, accommodating and listened to every vision and idea … better, they implemented them ! In this day-and-age, to have a responsive, experienced and artisan craftsman and company that cares as much as PDX Cart Builders about what goes out the door is rare, did I say rare? (I meant non-existent) … do yourself a favor and visit these guys. As for the other reviewers, I wouldn’t listen, John isn’t rude in his experience, which he readily shares … he’s busy (the sign of a champion), … kind of like, you wouldn’t eat at the empty restaurant … get in this guys queue, if you want a quality cart. Ours is awesome! Marty M., Clackamas, Oregon

John pays great attention to detail. Each cart is made to pass inspection and is road ready. No he is not cheap as none of the components used in the cart are cheap. Would you want food cooked on a sub par griddle? Or how bout receiving a semi cold beverage from a fridge that can barely keep the temp at 40. John has the decades of experience and has been doing this. I wouldn’t trust my $20,000+ investment to some person who has no knowledge in the field. Fox F., Lake Oswego, OR