About PDX Cart Builders

Indulge-14We understand the Food Cart owner better than any construction firm out there. Our founder John has a background as a General Contractor and Electrician, and is a chef and has owned and operated food carts for years. It’s this depth of experience and passion for food that makes us special.

We understand your needs. We know what works in an efficient space and what doesn’t.

We know how to make everything count and we know personally how to meet the needs of growing small businesses. Our company is committed to giving you the best service and the best price possible. With 18 years of experience in food, kitchens, and construction we can help you bring your vision to life.

We help existing food cart operators with design and repair issues. We are the first and only call you need to make. We are dedicated to helping keep your operation running as smooth as possible by quickly repairing and upgrading already existing systems.

Please give us a call or fill out the contact form today for a free design and business consultation.

We look forward to building for you!